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How can I use these?

Revised Bloom's Taxonomy:
Analyze - Differentiate, attribute, organize, classify, simplify, investigate, discover, sort, categorize, investigate, compare, debate, examine.
Create - Generate, produce, plan, invent, compose, imagine, design, build, construct, change, combine, devise, adapt, formulate, improve, illustrate, hypothesize, originate, revise.
  • Investigate, compare, & classify events during a specific time period
  • Create multimedia mashups with dates, text, images, audio, & video


Capzles Create a rich multimedia experience with videos, photos, music, blog, & documents.

Dipidy Find, create, & embed interactive media-rich timelines.

History in Motion Build multimedia history stories & animated timelines.

HSTRY Make a multimedia timeline & embed questions & information.

Meograph Bring learning to life with multimedia 3D stories that are easy to create.

myHistro Create your own timeline with text, video, & pictures to create a dynamic timeline mashup.

OurStory Create an internet time machine.

Read Write Think Timeline Create a simple online timeline.

TikiToki Create an interactive timeline.

Timeglider Create an online timeline that zooms & pans.

TimelineJS Create a timeline that is easy & intuitive to use.

Timetoast Create a simple online timeline.

VuVox Design interactive slideshows & scrolling collage presentations with text, pictures, sound, & video. Use the timeline features to present a rolling timeline.