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How can I use these?

Revised Bloom's Taxonomy:
Analyze - Differentiate, attribute, organize, classify, simplify, investigate, discover, sort, categorize, investigate, compare, debate, examine.
Create - Generate, produce, plan, invent, compose, imagine, design, build, construct, change, combine, devise, adapt, formulate, improve, illustrate, hypothesize, originate, revise.
  • Examine traits of a character in literature, events during an historical period, or concepts in science
  • Choose topics & subtopics for a research paper from visual representations

Visual Dictionaries & Thesauri:

Lexipedia Look up words & their relationships in this visual dictionary & thesaurus.

Visuwords Use this online visual dictionary that illustrates word meanings & associations.


Creately Create & collaborate on diagrams of all types - flowcharts, mind maps, & more.

Easelly Create & share visual ideas online with charts & more.

Hohli Create all types of charts.

Many Eyes Create beautiful data visualizations.

Piktochart Make your information beautiful by choosing from over 400 templates, icons, & graphics, using your own images or theirs.

Stat Planet Create interactive maps.

Tableau Create visualizations that bring data to life.

Tagul Create word or tag clouds with customized colors, shapes, & other features.

Tagxedo Create word clouds with color schemes & shapes.

Wordle Generate word clouds from text; tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes.