Game playing enhances the learning process. The following sites are not blocked from school.


Armoredpenguin Crossword Puzzle Maker Make your own simple educational crosswords or use those already created.

Armoredpenguin Word Search Puzzle Maker Create your own word search puzzles or view the collection.

BBC English Games Play these interactive English games.

BBC History Games Try out these interactive history games.

Blubbr Create video trivia games & challenges. Create games, quizzes, activities, & diagrams to host on your blog, website, or wiki; includes Fakebook, Make a Mask, Timeline, & QR Code Treasure Hunt Maker.

Culpepper Online Design interactive games with templates based on popular tv game shows.

Dr. Ertzberg Games Create educational games for any subject with downloads, game templates, & utilities to enhance any lesson.

EduWeb Find fun & engaging digital learning games & interactives about art, history, science, & technology.

eLECTIONS in Politics Join adventures in politics to learn about the presidential electoral process; includes teacher guide.

Hooda Math Play math games & enjoy these math resources.

Jet Punk Compete in hundreds of quizzes, including trivia & school subjects.

National Geographic Games Engage in a variety of games & activities in science & history.

Power My Learning Enjoy educational lessons, videos, & games for many subjects, including information & technology literacy.

Purpose Games Create your own games, challenge classmates & friends, or study for a test.

NobelPrize Educational Games Enjoy the games & simulations based on Nobel Prize-awarded achievements.

Sheppard Software Enjoy hundreds of educational games, activities, quizzes, articles, & more.