How can I use these?
Revised Bloom's Taxonomy:
Create - Generate, produce, plan, invent, compose, imagine, design, build, construct, change, combine, devise, adapt, formulate, improve, illustrate, hypothesize, originate, revise.

  • Formulate responses to teacher or classmates' questions
  • Formulate opinions about a controversial issue
  • Construct & share knowledge
  • Produce day or event in the life of a literary or historical character
  • Imagine an important event or occurrence in life of a famous person/scientist/inventor/psychologist
  • Illustrate a process
  • Produce a travel journal
  • Produce a learning journal to express thoughts or to reflect on a book/textbook section/assignment

To Respond to Current Events:

New York Times Blogs Includes lesson plans & blogs in which students can participate.

To Write Your Own Blog:

Blogger Create blogs with customized Google templates & layouts.

Class Blogmeister Create blogs with tools designed for classrooms by David Warlick.

Edmodo Use this course management tool endorsed by WCPSS for calendars, assignments, class discussions, blogging, grades, & more.

Edublogs Create & manage student blogs endorsed by WCPSS with customized designs; post & ask students to answer questions.

ePals Use this global blogging community for K-12 classrooms.

Penzu Create a private online journal or diary.

Wordpress Create blogs & websites with customized themes & widgets.