How can I use these?
Revised Bloom's Taxonomy:Create - Generate, produce, plan, invent, compose, imagine, design, build, construct, change, combine, devise, adapt, formulate, improve, illustrate, hypothesize, originate, revise.
  • Illustrate a concept/character/event/place
  • Devise cool fonts & word art for presentations
  • Design 3D models to showcase ideas/concepts


Alice Create an animation for telling a story, playing an interactive game, or designing a video using 3D. Teaches computer programming in a 3D environment.

Amabilis Create 3D models & animations.

Art of Illusion Devise 3D models & illusions.

The Art Zone Use these resources to make art online - collage machine, mobile, pixelFace, 3-D Twirler, & many more - from the National Gallery of Art.

Blender Produce 3D content - modeling, shading, animation, rendering, composite, & interactive 3D.

DrawTo Create & share simple drawings.

Flaming Text Use Free Logo Design to create custom fonts & logos by choosing from over 300 styles.

Grafitti Creator Design your own graffiti-style logos by typing in a word, & a designed font will appear that you can modify into unique art.

K3DSurf Devise & manipulate mathematical models in three, four, five, & six dimensions; supports parametric equations & isosurfaces.

Mutapic Create original art.

SketchUp Create, modify, and share 3D models.

SweetHome3D Design a home & place furniture on a 2D plan with a 3D preview.

Flaming Text Free Logos: