WCPSS Guidelines - Condensed
Board Policies

Classroom Activities
The Internet is no longer simply a resource for students to retrieve or pull information. The Internet is increasingly used for the pushing and exchanging of information. Interactive tools allow collaboration and exposure beyond the traditional walls of a classroom. Although interactive tools may bring increased benefit to students, they also produce increased risks, as the posted information may be publicly available. Thus, use of interactive Internet tools requires additional planning and supervision.
Student involvement with interactive Internet tools is required to be teacher directed. Management, monitoring, and responsibility for “posted content” lie with the individual teacher sponsoring the activity.
Students retain all rights and ownership of content published under their chosen pseudonym. Posted content encompasses a variety of items including but not limited to artwork, opinions, comments, and written papers.

WCPSS Guidelines for Classroom Based Internet Activities

  • Remain personally anonymous (use pseudonyms for employees and students)
  • Ask for pseudonyms that are not used elsewhere as they may be cross referenced and used for identification purposes
  • Keep the school and district anonymous
  • Review content prior to posting when technically possible, e.g. podcasting
  • Monitor ALL posted content
  • Use password protected services where possible
  • Change the “global” password often, e.g., wiki password – universal password used by a group of people to access a site
  • Require that students log in when posting or editing
  • Check videos or photos for identifying information such as clothing, school banners, mascots, etc.
  • Check for student names on items such as reports and artwork
  • Never pair images with names
  • Check prior to posting any student information that (1) It is authorized (Check the “do not share” directory requests from parents or guardians) (2) Separate consent has been obtained prior to posting non-directory information about a student (such information cannot be released without prior written consent).