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All Subjects:ALTEC Find instructional technology for students, professional development opportunities, program support, & online assessment for educators. Use the many teaching & learning tools, sites, & activities for the classroom.Annenberg Media Learner.Org Find classroom & lesson ideas, videos, interactives,
workshops, & distance learning for the Arts, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, & Language Arts by grade.

Appointment Clocks Make a copy of the clock for each student. On the lines, students record the names of their group members for that grouping. Teacher retains the master - i.e., 1:00 group = homogenous; 2:00 = heterogenous; 3:00 = students' choice.Appointment_Clocks_Image.pngCertificate Street Create awards for students from many categories.CK-12 Find free online textbooks with teacher editions for math, science, SAT prep, engineering, technology, English, & history.Classtools.net Create games, quizzes, activities, & diagrams to host on your blog, website, wiki, or Blackboard site. Includes Fakebook, Fake Tweet, Timeline, & QR Code Treasure Hunt Maker.Critical Thinking Puzzles Find critical thinking puzzles for individual students & groups.Curriki Find & share ideas & lesson plans with other teachers.Diffen Compare almost anything to create great discussions.Discovery Education Use the lesson plans, videos, puzzle makers, games, brain boosters, contests, grants, science help, & more. GH subscribes, so ask for passcodes in Media Center.Doceri Use this iPad app with a projector to turn your screen into a whiteboard; use it to remote control your computer, annotate anything, & make flip videos.
Edutopia Search by keyword or browse downloadable videos to help in promote an interactive learning environment. Comprehensive assessment, integrated studies, project-based learning, social & emotional learning, teacher development, & technology integration are major topics.
Graphic Organizers Help students classify ideas, structure writing projects, solve problems, make decisions plan research, & brainstorm with this collection.How to Grow a Textbook - Great source by Joyce Valenza for creating your own textbook or for supplementing the one you use.Intel Take free educational workshops to integrate technology into the curriculum, promote higher order thinking skills, creativity, & problem-based learning. Includes lesson plans, assessment strategies, & technology-rich project ideas for all K-12 subjects.LearnNC Access lesson plans, digital textbooks, videos, images, online courses, best practices, & educational news from the school of education at UNC.The Lexile Framework Determines the lexile number for a paragraph of text. Teacher can then give different lexile levels to different ability groups. Save in Plain Text Format.Merlot View class activities, peer lessons, & much more from Multimedia Educational Research for Learning & Online Teaching.Microsoft in Education Access online learning content, course materials, & lesson plans.NeoK-12 Use this collection of resources to find videos, quizzes, interactive diagrams, & games.National Geographic Teaching Resources Includes videos, photos, graphic organizers, mapmaking, & more for social studies & science topics.Odyssey of the Mind Use this international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for K-College individuals or teams. Problems range from building mechanical devices to presenting their interpretation of literary classics. Partnership for 21st Century Skills Find information, resources, & tools to understand, identify, & integrate the 21st century skills of creativity & innovation, critical thinking & problem solving skills, & communication & collaboration skills.Remind Use this to text students safely & to contact parents.Rewordify Paste text into a box & this program will rewrite the material in simpler, easier to understand words.SAS Curriculum Pathways - Access audio, visual, & interactive activities including projects, web sites, & class & web activities. Login & password in the Media Center.Scholastic Find lesson plans, activities, & other resources. Search by grade & subject.Shmoop Find homework help, teacher resources, & test prep activities. Subjects include literature, poetry, Shakespeare, mythology, bestsellers, music, pre-algebra, algebra, biology, U.S. history, civics, economics, & more.Smithsonian Education Search for lesson plans in Art & Design, Science & Technology, History & Culture, & Language Arts by keyword or grade level.SOS for Information Literacy Search for lesson plans, teaching ideas, handouts, presentations, videos, & other resources by keyword & grade level.Spreeder Improve reading speed and comprehension.SymbalooED Organize & share the best of the web with your students. Allows you to organize your online resources in one place for easy access.Teachers Pay Teachers - Many lesson plans & teaching materials available for free (over 50,000) or for a small fee (over 300,000). All subjects & grades are included.Tools for Student-Centered Learning (Intel) Students can engage in discussions, analyze information, pursue investigations, and solve problems. Find teaching resources, including lesson plans, assessment strategies, & technology-enriched project ideas for all K–12 subjects.Twitter See tutorials for using Twitter in the classroom. Communicate & share ideas, reminders, assignments, etc. Use twtpoll to poll, survey, quiz, & get feedback during your lecture.WebQuest.Org Make, share, & find Webquests for your classroom for online inquiry-based lessons for problem solving & creative thinking skills..
English, Social Studies, & the Arts:
Art's Edge Free, standards-based teaching lessons & other resources for art.
Google Lit Trips Use these Google Earth files that mark the journeys of characters from famous literature.
Read, Write, Think Teach English or ESL with these teacher-created resources. Search for lesson ideas, Web materials, student activities, & accompanying standards.
Teaching History.org Find teaching materials, history content, and best practices.

Math & Science:
Concord Consortium Discover many activities for high school math & science.
Get the Math See how people use algebra in the real world & take interactive challenges.
Mathalicious Use to find real-world math problems.
Solvr Work out problems as a group by posting the URL of problems & allowing others to collaborate & contribute.