How can I use these?

Revised Bloom's Taxonomy:
Remember - Recognize, recall, list, describe, explain, show, restate, choose, name, match, relate, select, outline, write, identify, recite, locate, state, label, draw, record, repeat.
Understand - Interpret, classify, explain, infer, exemplify, summarize, compare, organize, paraphrase, review, discuss, extend, relate, estimate, confirm, convert, match, predict.
Analyze - Differentiate, attribute, organize, classify, simplify, investigate, discover, sort, categorize, investigate, compare, debate, examine.

  • Poll opinions on or reactions to complex issues or key concepts
  • Demonstrate understanding as formative assessment
  • Simulate quiz for review
  • Engage students during lectures


Blubbr Create & play multiple choice quizzes (or trivia) based on YouTube video clips.

Doodle Survey students by sending a link with choices from which to select.

Google Drive (Google Docs) Create online documents, surveys, quizzes, spreadsheets, & presentations from a selection of templates. Collaborate, share, store, & organize.

Kahoot Create & play multiple choice quizzes.

Poll Everywhere Ask controversial questions & use to gather answers. Students vote by sending a text message via their cell phones or by voting on the web.

Quizlet Create flashcards, tests, & study games to make learning fun.

Socrative Use this student response system to engage your class through educational exercises and games; engage students, assess instruction, & personalize learning.

Survey Monkey Use this powerful, yet simple survey tool that allows for fast & flexible response gathering with results analysis.

Yacapaca Use pre-prepared quizzes or tests, create your own, set work for the whole class, mark automatically, & analyze student work