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How can I use these?

Revised Bloom's Taxonomy:
Analyze - Differentiate, attribute, organize, classify, simplify, investigate, discover, sort, categorize, investigate, compare, debate, examine.

  • Brainstorm with whole class or in groups
  • Classify time periods
  • Investigate scientific principles/procedures/processes/cycles
  • Investigate math principles/procedures/processes
  • Classify characteristics of book characters/stories
  • Discover patterns using graphs/outlines
  • Diagram processes & ideas


Bubbl.us Brainstorm online individually or collaboratively with colorful bubble maps.

Creately Create professional-looking diagrams & mind maps individually or collaboratively.

ExploreaTree Create thinking guides, mind maps, & graphic organizers.

Flowchart Collaborate, chat, & design flowcharts. Choose from thousands of clipart pictures or add your own.

Gliffy Create professional-quality flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, technical drawings, & more. Choose from thousands of pictures.

Lucidchart Sketch & share professional diagrams.

Mindmeister Brainstorm ideas & questions with concept maps to think visually, collaborate, & share ideas. Free 30-day trial.

Mindomo Use the force of mind maps through creating & sharing.

Popplet Capture & organize ideas by creating mind maps with pictures, text, & videos.

Slatebox Create collaborative mind maps.

Text2MindMap Convert structured text into a mind map.

XMind6 Create a professional & powerful mind map.