Educational Videos:

Academic Earth Access 175 open ed courses from professors at Yale, Stanford, Harvard, & other universities.
BBC Learning for Teachers Use these video clips, activities, & resources for teachers.
Biography Channel View information about important historical figures - authors, scientists, presidents, thinkers, & more.
Free Video Lectures Watch the lectures of some of the world's best professors.
Discovery Education GH has a subscription, so use their excellent videos, programs, contests, interactive games, puzzles, lesson plans, & more! Codes in the Media Center.
Dotsu Use these subtitled videos, especially good for foreign language & ESL. Includes TED Talks.
Foratv Use these live & on-demand videos from the best conferences & events.
iTunes University Use these complete courses featuring audio, video, books, & other content for iPad, iPhone, & iPod touch. Includes resources to support teaching & learning, presentations, professional development videos, & curriculum materials. Over 250,000 lectures, videos, films, & more.
KeepVid Download & save videos from YouTube and others.
Khan Academy View these educational videos & practice activities for many subjects.
LearnersTV Use these video lectures, courses, science animations, notes, tests, & more.
MathTrainTV Use these "students teaching students" ideas to flip your classroom.
MIT Open Courseware Use this resource created by MIT for high schools to have open courseware materials for math, science, & humanities. Over 2000 courses with videos, lecture notes, labs, & exams.
My Big Campus Use this collaborative learning platform to access resources & people that make learning engaging, fun, & real.
NeoK12 Use these educational videos, lessons, & games.
Next Vista for Learning Watch these videos, many created by students, for all subject areas & grade levels. Use these 500+ courses from the world's leading universities.
OpenCourseWareConsortium Use this free & open digital publication of high quality educational materials for colleges & universities..
Open Yale Courses Use these free introductory courses taught by distinguished teachers and scholars at Yale University.
PBS Learning Media Use the resources for the arts, health & fitness, mathematics, reading & language arts, science & technology, & social studies. Search for lesson plans, interactives, activities, & other materials tied to PBS programming, both on-air and online. Includes NOVA, Nature, Cyberchase, Between the Lions, & Masterpiece Theatre. Artistic performances, scientific documentaries, & more.
Schooltube View & share quality classroom videos.
Smithsonian Channel View art, history, science, technology videos & more.
Snag Films Choose from over 1000 videos. Includes National Geographic & NOVA films.
Stanford University's YouTube Channel Over 1,400 videos, including many lectures.
TED Access lectures, videos, playlists, & more from experts in all areas.
TED-Ed YouTube Channel Each video has a multiple-choice quiz, a set of questions, & ideas on digging deeper. There is also a "flip this video" option that allows you to customize any lesson.
Teacher Tube View these educational videos on all subjects.
Utubersity Access the educational videos for every discipline. Access almost 7,000 video lectures, with emphasis on science & the humanities.
WatchKnowLearn Great short videos on every educational subject for all ages.
YouTube EDU Choose from a wide variety of educational videos.
YouTube for Schools Customize the YouTube videos available to your students.

English & Social Studies Only:

Center for Civic Education Use these podcasts, slideshows, & videos, including the 60-second civic education podcast series.
C-SPAN Video Library Access short & longer video clips to explore the workings of the government. Includes American History TV, Book TV, Campaign 2012, Washington Journal, & C-SPAN in the Classroom. Access video clips, games, & articles that engage students.

Math & Science Only:

American Museum of Natural History Videos Use these videos to explore the world of nature.
Discovery Channel Clips for science & technology, including How Stuff Works & Mythbusters.
Exploratorium TV Webcasts, video clips, podcasts, & slideshows from scientific expeditions to hands-on activities.
How Stuff Works Science Interesting videos covering all science topics.
NASA Enhance the study of science & technology by employing the diverse resources available from NASA, including video eClips, podcasts, NASA television, live space station video, & blogs.
National Geographic Full programs of over 3000 science videos. Includes pictures, segments, & stories that spark interest & engage learners.
The New York Times Profiles in Science Videos Videos & articles from The New York Times.
The New York Times Science Videos Videos & podcasts about science.
Newton's Apple - Videos & resource guides for science.
Pulse of the Planet Provides listeners with 2-minute sound portraits, blending interviews with extraordinary natural sound.
The Real Bill Nye Clips from his shows on YouTube.
Science Hack View educational science videos screened by scientists to ensure accuracy.