How can I use these?

Revised Bloom's Taxonomy:
Create - Generate, produce, plan, invent, compose, imagine, design, build, construct, change, combine, devise, adapt, formulate, improve, illustrate, hypothesize, originate, revise.

  • Construct an explanation of a concept
  • Invent a story
  • Compose a story in a foreign language
  • Illustrate an event in history
  • Design an explanation of a scientific/math/medical/health principle or process
  • Compose a children’s story for child development, foreign language, or ESL class
  • Create your own textbook, individually or collaboratively


Culture Street Create children’s books.

Book Builder Create, share, & publish digital books that engage & support diverse learners.

ePubBud Write, edit, & publish an ebook.

History in Motion Build multimedia history stories with animated timelines.

Live Booklet Create & publish an online book with text, images, audio files, videos, and links (use the free 14 trial).

Lucidpress Produce a digital magazine or online flyer with professional results.

Mixbook for Educators Create photo books, memory books, online scrapbooks, & digital stories.

Odyssey.js Weave an interactive story. Create online newspapers to share.

PicLits Drop & drag words on a photograph to capture the essence, story, & meaning of the picture; great for teaching creative writing & use of literary terms.

Storybird Make, read, & share visual stories.

Widbook Collaboratively create a multimedia digital book that contains text, images, & videos.

Word Mover Create “found poetry” by choosing from word banks & existing famous works or add new words to create poetry by moving & manipulating the text.

Zooburst Create 3D pop-up books.